The Asian Screen – The state of China & Hong Kong’s film industry and the emergence of Transmedia


THE ASIAN SCREEN is Haexagon Concepts’ ongoing series of industry reports on the media and entertainment market in the Greater China and East Asian region. This first installment tackles the state of Hong Kong and China’s film industry, uses of traditional and alternative media and the emergence of Transmedia within both territories.


Report sample (excerpt):

“…For example, Hong Kong director Derek Yee’s “The Great Magician”, a comedy that starred two of Hong Kong’s most popular male actors, was a major success in Mainland China, becoming the highest-grossing domestic film in the first half of 2012. Even with a Cantonese version featuring the voices of the two leads playing in cinemas, “The Great Magician” had a Mainland Chinese comedy style that did not appeal to Hong Kong audiences. Unlike “I Love Hong Kong 2012” and “All’s Well Ends Well 2012” – both star-studded comedies with Hong Kong stars and Cantonese humor released in the same time slot – “The Great Magician” will not be among one of the top ten grossing Chinese-language films in Hong Kong in 2012.

The Hong Kong film industry also got a shocking wake-up call in 2011 when Taiwanese coming-of-age romantic comedy “You Are the Apple of My Eye” beat box office records and became the highest-grossing Chinese-language film in Hong Kong history. Compared to films starring Hong Kong superstars like Stephen Chow, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, and Andy Lau that have sat on top of that list for the past two decades, “Apple” doesn’t have any recognizable stars, and the only true appeal the film had was writer-director-novelist Giddens (making his directorial debut) and a strong word-of-mouth among the youth audience. Suddenly, Hong Kong filmmakers realized that their films don’t necessarily need big stars and huge budgets to succeed…”


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The Asian Screen #1


Report Lead: Kevin Ma
Supporting Analysts: Diogo Martins, Marco Sparmberg, Juergen Hoebarth


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