Zombie Indie Becomes First Filipino Film to Adopt Transmedia Storytelling

Haexagon Concepts and Paper Boat Pictures Announce Collaboration

for The Grave Bandits

HONG KONG & MANILA (23.11.2012) Hong Kong’s HAEXAGON CONCEPTS and the Philippines’ PAPER BOAT PICTURES will join forces on a groundbreaking collaboration for Tyrone Acierto’s The Grave Bandits. The zombie horror film will become the first film in Filipino Cinema history to adopt a transmedia storytelling approach, expanding its story to create a universe far beyond the film.


This innovative project began with a meeting between Haexagon CEO/Co-founder Marco Sparmberg and Paperboat Pictures’ Vanessa Ulgado at the 2012 Fantastic Film School’s Asian Filmmakers’ Lab, part of the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival’s Network of Asian Fantastic Films in South Korea. The two saw the film’s potential for taking on a fresh, cutting-edge storytelling approach never seen in Filipino Cinema before.

Marco Sparmberg says, “Transmedia storytelling, especially for feature films, has yet to be adopted here in Asia. That’s why we are thrilled to see these filmmakers willing to experiment and try new ways of reaching out to their audience.”

Ulgado adds, “This collaboration will not only add content value for the audience through the expansion our film’s story universe; it’s also innovative in that it helps filmmakers explore new forms of independent distribution”.

After its world premiere on December 18th as one of the five films in the New Wave Section of the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival-Phillipines, the Haexagon Concepts team will officially kick off the core phase of the transmedia extension of The Grave Bandits.

The team will launch a series of events – both on and off the Internet – leading up to the film’s video-on-demand release in spring 2013. These events include The Adventure Tour, which will bring the cinema experience to rural areas around the country. 

“Transmedia is all about interactive communal experiences, and we want to give something back to the communities that supported this project, as well as celebrate the local film culture,” says Sparmberg.

“It’s very exciting to see The Grave Bandits‘ universe grow together with the input of the audience in the months to come,” says director Tyrone Acierto, “The real adventure is just beginning.”


About Haexagon Concepts

Haexagon Concepts is Hong Kong’s first transmedia production workshop/creative think tank combining interactive narrations with innovative media technology. Operating mainly in the Greater China Region and Southeast Asia, Haexagon Concepts aims to change the way audiences experience stories with immersive storytelling for film and new media industries.

For more information about Haexagon Concepts, please visit http://haexagon.org/


About Paper Boat Pictures

Paper Boat Pictures was established in 2010 by writer/director T.A. Acierto and producer Vanessa Ulgado. Based in Chicago, USA and Manila, Philippines. Paper boat Pictures is focused on telling great stories that are not simply artistic or marketable, but stories that also have a strong vision and sensitivity on cultural discourses concerning issues of gender, race, ethnicity and class.