Haexagon Concepts monthly (double) recap – November/December 2012

— The monthly recap post will present you a summary of all our activities and projects during the past month as well as most relevant campaigns from film/ad/TV/web. —

There was so much happening in the past two months that we try to wrap up both recaps in one run.  

Staff activities:

november 28 – december 7: Diogo and Juergen went to Singapore to attend Siggraph Asia and Screen Singapore

december 6: With the new Google+ feature “communities” we created a transmedia storytelling platform for international creators to exchange ideas, present projects and to meet. https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/108901488597995396037

december 22: The Last Tycoon hits theaters in HK, a big budget production in which Kevin was involved since May 2012. He rendered several translation jobs for the script as well as subtitles.


EAST SCREEN WEST SCREEN shows this month:

#134 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-134-you-dont-know-jackie

#133 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-133-my-sassy-hobbit

#132 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-132-let-them-eat-pi

#131 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-131-war-and-piece

#130 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-130-natural-born-sequels

#129 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-129-dredd-and-buried

Project radar:

 – The Grave Bandits

We kicked off our transmedia campaign work for the Filipino indie zombie adventure film The Grave Bandits. The film was premiered at the 38th Metro Manila Film Festival and saw a 7 day theater run. We went down to Manila to support the ground running and built actively an online+ offline audience. After winning the two main awards within the New Wave section of the festival (Best Film, Best Director) the film is set for a commercial release in spring this year. We’re now extending the story universe online throughout various channels.

Twitch Film article: http://twitchfilm.com/2012/11/upcoming-filipino-zombie-flick-the-grave-bandits-to-launch-transmedia-narrative-campaign.html

Press release: http://haexagon.posterous.com/zombie-indie-becomes-first-filipino-film-to-a

Project page: https://www.facebook.com/thegravebandits

Photo gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/medienmarco/sets/72157632409110431/


– Squattertown

Was selected for the Unofficial Google Plus Film Festival and ran within the 1st web series block. Director Marco was also part of the online panel via Hangouts: https://plus.google.com/+UnofficialGooglePlusFilmFestival/about

We released the transmedia DNA map of Squattertown’s first two years or project “spread” http://haexagon.posterous.com/transmedia-dna-of-squattertown