HONG KONG’s transmedia odyssey

Many people ask us ‘What are you guys talking about? What the heck is transmedia?’. So we came up with a narrative presentation that gives you a better understanding of what “transmedia” for motion pictures could be and how it can impact your life.

Originally, this prezi was presented at BarcampHK 2012 on July 14. When you would like to know more about transmedia in HK and what opportunities it can provide to your film and media projects, fell free to shoot us a message at concepts(at)haexagon.org, we’re always happy to educate and spread the word.

DISCLAIMER: All characters and situations depicted within the presentation above are fictitious and bear no similarity with living persons. If they do nonetheless, then it’s pure coincidental. Image and video copyrights belong to the original content creator, not to Haxagon Concepts. this presentation is for educational purpose only.