Haexagon Concepts monthly (double) recap – January/February 2013

— The monthly recap post will present you a summary of all our activities and projects during the past month as well as most relevant campaigns from film/ad/TV/web. —

The new year started with finalizing a number of productions for running projects that we started way back in 2012 and visits to major film festival in Europe and the US.

Staff activities:

january 10 – 1st anniversary of our company. On January 1, 2012 we opened our production office while prepping for the shoot of “Haexagon”

january 19 – CEO Marco joins the Google Hangouts panel discussion at Sundance Festival. Topic: The New Frontier of Storytelling – Transmedia Disruptors

february 8-14 – CEO Marco visits the Berlinale Talent Campus as one of the selected 2013 Talents. He was the only representative from HK this year.

february 28 – the HK Webfest gets launched on https://www.facebook.com/HKWebfest and http://www.webfest.hk/

EAST SCREEN WEST SCREEN shows this month:

#140 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-140-chinese-new-year-2013

#139 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-139-atlas-scorched

#138 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-138-last-django-in-paris

#137 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-137-too-young-to-be-number-one

#136 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-136-as-years-go-by

#135 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-135-making-it-and-breaking-it

Project radar:

-The Grave Bandits

We have been analyzing the MMFF screenings and the audience building process before and during the event in Manila and compiled a first preliminary report that was published in the 2nd edition of our Asian Screen publication.

– HK Webfest

We started organizing the first HK Webfest (festival for branded entertainment, webseries and transmedia) as associated project with Le French May. The event will be held from June 5-7, 2013 at HK Polytechnic University and feature screenings and conferences with industry experts and content creators. All details here webfest.hk, and a press release here https://haexagon.wordpress.com/2013/03/01/first-hk-webfest-explores-future-of-transmedia-storytelling-in-asia/


Haexagon Concepts monthly (double) recap – November/December 2012

— The monthly recap post will present you a summary of all our activities and projects during the past month as well as most relevant campaigns from film/ad/TV/web. —

There was so much happening in the past two months that we try to wrap up both recaps in one run.  

Staff activities:

november 28 – december 7: Diogo and Juergen went to Singapore to attend Siggraph Asia and Screen Singapore

december 6: With the new Google+ feature “communities” we created a transmedia storytelling platform for international creators to exchange ideas, present projects and to meet. https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/108901488597995396037

december 22: The Last Tycoon hits theaters in HK, a big budget production in which Kevin was involved since May 2012. He rendered several translation jobs for the script as well as subtitles.


EAST SCREEN WEST SCREEN shows this month:

#134 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-134-you-dont-know-jackie

#133 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-133-my-sassy-hobbit

#132 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-132-let-them-eat-pi

#131 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-131-war-and-piece

#130 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-130-natural-born-sequels

#129 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-129-dredd-and-buried

Project radar:

 – The Grave Bandits

We kicked off our transmedia campaign work for the Filipino indie zombie adventure film The Grave Bandits. The film was premiered at the 38th Metro Manila Film Festival and saw a 7 day theater run. We went down to Manila to support the ground running and built actively an online+ offline audience. After winning the two main awards within the New Wave section of the festival (Best Film, Best Director) the film is set for a commercial release in spring this year. We’re now extending the story universe online throughout various channels.

Twitch Film article: http://twitchfilm.com/2012/11/upcoming-filipino-zombie-flick-the-grave-bandits-to-launch-transmedia-narrative-campaign.html

Press release: http://haexagon.posterous.com/zombie-indie-becomes-first-filipino-film-to-a

Project page: https://www.facebook.com/thegravebandits

Photo gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/medienmarco/sets/72157632409110431/


– Squattertown

Was selected for the Unofficial Google Plus Film Festival and ran within the 1st web series block. Director Marco was also part of the online panel via Hangouts: https://plus.google.com/+UnofficialGooglePlusFilmFestival/about

We released the transmedia DNA map of Squattertown’s first two years or project “spread” http://haexagon.posterous.com/transmedia-dna-of-squattertown


Haexagon Concepts monthly recap – October 2012

 — The monthly recap post will present you a summary of all our activities and projects during the past month as well as most relevant campaigns from film/ad/TV/web. —


October has been quite a busy and productive month. The team was out and about on business trips in Shanghai, Marseille and London and there have been some major developments at our veteran project Squattertown.

Staff activities:

october 8: 1st company trailer went online including our new logo animation. Also, some more PR material arrived. Besides the 2 t-shirt types, there are stickers available now.

october 9: We published our first industry report. The Asian Screen series will have a follow up report every 2-3 months on the state of selected Asian movie industries and the emergence of local transmedia projects involved. Naturally, we focus on China and HK within our first batch of reports and will subsequently move further south with case studies as our projects develop.



october 10-20: Marco visited the Marseille Webfest and presented Squattertown as only Asian title at the webseries market. Here a roundtable discussion Marco participated in with other webseries makers from Mexico, USA and Sweden:

After the festival he went to Power To The Pixel’s Pixel Forum at the BFI in London. At the same time, Diogo and Juergen went up north to Shanghai for the Digital Cream conference.


EAST SCREEN WEST SCREEN shows this month:

#125 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-125-journey-to-the-breast

#126 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-126-teddybears-and-assassins

#127 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-127-fruit-loopers

#128 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-128-bananas-is-pyjamas

Halloween Special 2012 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-halloween-special-2012

Project radar:

 – RealLifeConnect: Our long term partner RLC finally published its anticipated Weibo integration solutions (http://www.techinasia.com/reallifeconnect-sina-weibo-china/) and we supplied them with some video and photo material for the campaign start. The series of instruction videos we shot in late September will be online soon. All this is part of a long haul multi-media marketing and branding campaign that we deliver.

– Squattertown: Festivals all over the place for Squattertown. In October, the series ran at the Marseille Webfest and Impakt Festival in Utrecht. While the series was running in competition in Marseille, it was featured between other prominent Asian Western creations in Utrecht. As part of the No More Westerns theme the festival screened Squattertown within the How the West was One (part 2) Westerns from the East section (http://impakt.nl/festival/2012/programme/no-more-westerns-programme/screenings-no-more-westerns-programme/how-the-west-was-one-part-2-westerns-from-the-east/). It is also headed for the Mobile film Festival in Skopje, Macedonia, in early November. On top, as part of the HK Mobile Film Festival 2012 aftershock the series was featured on HK’s most popular cinema app. Episode 1 was available directly on the HK Movie iOS app for iPhones for 1 week.

Transmedia campaign radar:

There are some exciting developments going on in terms of local distributors starting to apply transmedia tools to their movie marketing campaign. Emperor Motion Pictures kicked off its campaign for TRIAD with a series of character videos on YouTube and most distinct, a fake Apple Daily (biggest tabloid media network in HK) videos. Those staged videos are accompanied by a fake Facebook triad election page (https://www.facebook.com/hengzitou) which grew quite popular within the past couple of weeks. Emporer works the film’s topic quite well, considering the timing with the US elections. There are also election posters circulating, primarily throughout Kowloon that feature the 2 main character as staged candidates which sparked threatening calls to the producers (http://my.news.yahoo.com/triad-production-receives-threats-232526363.html).

But Emporer goes a step further, implementing the extremely popular WeChat app into the game. Scaning a QR code will connect you “directly” with one of the characters. The use of WeChat is a technological loophole to reach out to a potential traveling audience beyond the border as the film will unlikely be screened in China due to topic and graphic violence.

So it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on future developments of this campaign. The movie starts on November 15th in local cinemas.

Haexagon Concepts monthly recap – September 2012

— The monthly recap post will present you a summary of all our activities and projects during the past month as well as most relevant campaigns from film/ad/TV/web. —


Staff activities:

september 11 – Diogo’s final two installments on his social network hiatus and analysis about the influence of Klout and transmedia:


5) https://haexagon.wordpress.com/klout-and-influence-in-a-transmedia-universe-36094

september 11 – HC gets listed on the Hong Kong Design Directory: http://www.designdirectory.hk/profile/?d=2680

september 21 – Kevin joined the ?????? Talkonly web radio show and talked about transmedia in HK & China amongst other local topics. http://talkonly.net/ (episode 9-21)


september 29 – First batch of company t-shirts arrived as well as the first squatter-shirt.


EAST SCREEN WEST SCREEN shows this month:

#121 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-121-naked-model-fatty-officer

#122 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-122-the-lion-snores-tonight

#123 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-123-simon-yam-vs-simon-ham

#124 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-124-bullets-over-bummer

Project radar:

– Project:Filmbox: Our short film Acid Run was selected as one of the 15 films to be included to Project: Filmbox’s final feature. Excerpts from Acid Run can be found in our new company showreel video.

– RealLifeConnect: We did a green screen studio shoot for a series of instruction videos on RealLifeConnect’s RFID check-in solutions. This is part of our ongoing media campaign work for RLC and their interactive solutions that link online and offline social networks.


– SQUATTERTOWN: We went out for a first location recce that resulted in a short concept teaser for a possible second season. Also, the project page was updated.


Transmedia campaign radar:

Major campaigns like LOOPER and DREDD 3D ended last month, rather unspectacular. We will post a follow-up analysis on the current state of transmedia campaigns for feature films and how most either fail or render insignificant on date of the film’s release by leaving out vast opportunities for interactive integration of the audience.

A rather promising campaign, however, is the new James Bond installment SKYFALL. A campaign that pushed single events throughout the past months. It’s not like that the biggest franchise in cinema history actually would need a special buzz or momentum to come out with the 3rd part of the new 007 trilogy that everyone is highly anticipating anyway. Especially since Bond celebrates his 50th birthday with a new BluRay releas
e and a series of events in London. However, since Bond’s story universe is the pure essence of a transmedia storytelling approach for decades now, it is always worth to watch what news the makers will bring to the table.

Highlight of the campaign so far was the James Bond escorts Her Majesty to the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony “stunt” that combined a video with a real world parachute jump from a helicopter.

Heineken just recently launched their “Crack the case” campaign on Facebook with a video app that embeds your photos into the video shown as well as a event page and a couple of standard sweepstake promotions. Hong Kong seems to be a major focus for Heineken’s campaign, especially offline, since the city will be one of the first territories to see the movie. This offline campaign sees promotion events in local bars as well as a green truck driving around town to provide free samples and more promotion material alongside lengmos dressed like the main actress.


Haexagon Concepts monthly recap – August 2012

— The monthly recap post will present you a summary of all our activities and projects during the past month as well as most relevant campaigns from film/ad/TV/web. —


Staff activities:

august 3rd – Diogo started his series of analyzing blog posts on his Klout experiment. He cut himself off all social network platforms for three months in order to see how this will influence his social media influence measured by Klout. Read the first three parts here:

1) https://haexagon.wordpress.com/klout-and-real-transmedia-influence

2) https://haexagon.wordpress.com/klout-and-influence-in-a-transmedia-universe

3) https://haexagon.wordpress.com/klout-and-influence-in-a-transmedia-universe-50339


august 14 – We published Marco’s Barcamp HK 2012 prezi that gives an insight on what transmedia can look like and why there is none existing in HK yet.

by rebearth

august 18 – Kevin analyzes the campaign around VULGARIA and why it became such a success in HK http://www.lovehkfilm.com/blog/thegoldenrock/2012/08/18/the-golden-rock-august-17-2012-edition/


EAST SCREEN WEST SCREEN shows this month:

#118 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-118-when-booty-calls

#119 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-119-silent-but-dirty

#120 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-120-exit-the-diva-enter-tha-tiger 

New HC videos online:

– Haexagon – light tests

Haexagon – light tests – Scifi short film from Hong Kong from Marco Sparmberg on Vimeo.

– Haexagon – VFX reel

Haexagon – VFX reel – Scifi short film from Hong Kong from Marco Sparmberg on Vimeo.

Project radar:

– Haexagon (short film) got its own blog profile on ARTE Creative. We will update this space primarily with artistic elements from this project. New content will be published here first from now on: http://creative.arte.tv/en/space/Haexagon

Transmedia campaign radar:

August saw some new campaign starts as well as already running campaigns taking up speed. DREDD 3D is the most dominant one right now. We talked about Lionsgate’s approach in a previous post here.

The LOOPER campaign finally kicked off and seems to come along quite sophisticated living up to the film’s subject. One of the two tent pole pages is https://www.loopernetwork.com/ where users can login and hunt down their future selves. Once signed up the user will receive an email from Abe, the character played by Jeff Daniels who will assign missions. On a city map grid the user has to enter coordinates that can be found as hidden clues in a poster (mission #1) and videos clips (mission #2). Later emails also contain aged mug-shot of the user, taken from the sign-up profile, slowly turning into the future self.


The second focus lies on http://www.loopermovie.com. The webpage unfolds by scrolling down. At a certain point, the user can enter the game portal http://www.loopermovie.com/game/intro – “You’ve been hired to take out the trash”. The game holds 3 levels that are either key scenes in the films or major plot points: “Timed Kills”, “TK Challenge” and “Slatbike Chase”.


Notable is also the YouTube channel page. As it holds all the links to all web pages, games and social networks it is smoothly connecting all the dots of the campaign’s universe. Also, the channel runs on an own design deviating from YouTube’s unified look. Emphasis is quite given to Twitter with a direct feed and conversation integration.