The Asian Screen #3 – Macau film industry & casinos gambling with transmedia


THE ASIAN SCREEN is an ongoing series of industry reports on the media and entertainment market in the Greater China & South-East Asian region by Haexagon Concepts, a creative intellectual property management & development agency for emerging media strategies.

This third installment of our industry report series brings you a unique insight to Macau’s film and media industry, including the rise of transmedia. We take a look behind the scenes of one of the smallest entertainment markets in the world, but also one of the most profitable. Macau is more then just gambling and casinos. This analysis will provide you with a number of scenarios that also point to potential business opportunities within the region. It is the most comprehensive document on this topic available online.


Report sample (excerpt):

“…Macau is a gambling centric city, there is no denying this fact. Nevertheless, a lot is done in the city in terms of film creation (or at least the necessity of screening these films for its inhabitants) – short film competitions like the The 48 Rush Hours, Macau Indies exhibits/projections, The Creative Macau Sound & Image Challenge, The IPO’s artist showcases on a monthly sometimes weekly basis, the Script Road Macau Literary Festival (small stories, documentaries, etc are created for the exhibit), weekly production pieces for the Sunday News Reels (Portuguese/Chinese channels), the Macau Stories Initiative, the Macau International Film and Video Festival, the Chinese Film Media Awards, Theater and Declamation Events (the amateur Chinese theater in Macau has had a small resurgence in the past years and the Macanese yearly theater plays gather a strong audience around them) and several other exhibitions, showcases, projections and festivals that pop-up sometimes on a yearly basis, sometimes as single showing events.

These events, most of them, at least, are almost completely funded by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, the Macau Cultural Centre or the Macau Government Tourist Office, the Fundação Oriente, Macau Foundation and the Casa de Portugal, Creative Macau, Cut Association, Art for All Society, several other cultural/educational entities, and some are funded by private entities like the Melco Crown Group…”

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Report Lead: Diogo Martins
Supporting Analysts: Kevin Ma, Marco Sparmberg


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