Klout and Influence in a Transmedia Universe (Part 1)

(This is going to be a big post, a weekly post, with a few different updates so… bear with me)

Klout, Kred, PeerIndex and Radian6. 

The influencer boom started in the beginning of 2012 and, all of a sudden, everyone wanted to know, boost, get perks, talk about or even “reinvent themselves” so they’d have “virtual” social credibility.
A ranking system started to flourish in the social media circles and depending on the amount of “friends”, “fans”, “circles”, “slaves”… sorry… “Listeners” they had … companies, commenters and media “gurus” started to take notice.
Electronic Social Stratification had begun and those who’d been cultivating an audience (friend base) after the rise of Twitter and Facebook, were now being heralded as “Influential”, “Curators”, “Celebrities”, “Taste Makers” and “Broadcasters”.
Somehow, initially, having a certain Klout score made you a specialist in your field and there were those who’d listen blindly – an enormous amount of iterations on how influence is counted in all of those companies have since been put into place because, like with everything, some people knew how to manipulate them with ease.


(This to me brought up all kinds of social questions, as there’s always been an anthropological necessity of stratifying, quantifying and “marketing” who is important/relevant in social circles, areas, countries, so the political/philosophical system in place, could be better… “augmented”… think of it like this… Pope/Catholic Church, Cesar/Roman Empire, Michael Jordan/NBA… I digress… and what this Social Stratification Quantifying was doing, was the beginning of targetting those with “cred” to have the Social Media Revolution, be incorporated, from its core, in its society’s Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen)

These posts come to light because, 3 months ago, to the day, I started an experiment that would be fundamental in the way I think about the Internet, Media Influence, Social Control, Stratification and mostly, myself.

I Diogo Martins, have never been a very outgoing person. Granted when I’m in social situations with my friends and people I enjoy the company I’m having, I tend to talk too much, berate others sometimes, and mostly try to be enough of a goof, that people enjoy being next to me. Sure… really close friends… normal people, people I meet in awkward situations, new acquaintances, with those… I’m mum as a rock (sometimes it has its advantages, but most of the times it becomes bothersome as I get in ruts regularly).

So… to see how I fared off online, I got to thinking.

I got to the whiteboard in our office at the time (Haexagon Concepts has proudly changed offices since then… several times 🙂 ), and started scribbling some stuff…

After a while, I started thinking… “What if I stopped interacting online?”, “What would happen if there was a virtual part of me online, but that part would be dependent solely on its capacity to garner interest from what others think/act upon me, and not by what I push onto it?”


Data in the board – Start Date – 3/05 to 3/08 (the 7 was a gaffe) – 90 days (the time Klout announces that they “purge” their results).

                  – Predicted Fallout, Number of Facebook fans, Mandate. Objectives

_ This was what my insanity looked like… I started registering all of my online information (the relevant one) and with one of the other co-founders at the office Marco Sparmberg, started betting how much my Klout Score would go down if I didn’t do anything for 3 months_

So that was my mandate.

3 months.

I would go on Facebook and all my other sites (lurk), but in no situation, was I to interact, add, change, influence or accept any thing from anyone.

Believe me… it has been tough… There have been family weddings, friends that have passed away, wars, peace, football matches (ohhh the horror!), “revolutions”, personal and social events that were hilarious or horrible, cats that meowed, films that bombed.

I couldn’t talk, like, tweet, comment, “smell”, do… anything.

I officially became a social LURKER. A media Pariah… “Zee devil”! (I kid of course… but most of the time, online, people are constantly pushing others to “share”, talk about, comment, introduce and create more content… overkill most of the time).

I became, what others saw of me online. A Digital Mirror. Fun!

So… let us begin with the journey…

I will post, once a week, on what I found, received, thoug
ht, touched, got, etc, every month, all through Klout’s information, and from snippets I got from my walls and profiles.

The image bellow shows you how the experience ended, we’ll backtrack a bit, but this way you’ll see what I’ve learned and get where I’m coming from with the data, and stuff we came up with.


The next post will be how the information was when this all started.

So… see you in a few days and I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I did(nt) 🙂

Meanwhile have a look on Marco’s micro analysis of his own Klout ups-and-downs here https://haexagon.wordpress.com/klout-just-wont-let-me-die

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