dissecting the Haexagon posters

Our recent short film and soon transmedia project HAEXAGON has several poster artworks. Apart from the official poster by our concept designer Eric Chu, which got a more B-movie like style approach, there are 4 teaser posters. Those artworks do look like they are simple 1-shot photos but in fact they are large compositions a la Andreas Gursky out of various photos made by our set photographer Jonathan Van Smit. To give you a better understanding here a small making of in pictures:

1) The official poster:


2) The teaser posters:


3) Dissecting the teaser poster:

a) Original:


b) Colored parts of the photo collage (12 layers):


c) Ground material (excerpt):


[ http://00c6.org | all photos by Jonathan Van Smith – http://www.flickr.com/ photos/n_ipper/ | artwork for 1) Eric Chu | artwork for 2-3) Marco Sparmberg – http://m-sp.net ]