Haexagon Concepts monthly recap – July 2012

— The monthly recap post will present you a summary of all our activities and projects during the past month as well as most relevant campaigns from film/ad/TV/web. —

Staff activities:

july 9 – we helped out on our partner SoBig Production’s shoot, a doc feature about the redevelopment process in Kwun Tong, shot vertical! The project will be presented during the Venice Biennale.


july 13 – review on PAINTED SKIN 2 at Macau Daily: (PDF file)


july 14 – we went to BarcampHK and presented our “story pitch”, educating on what trans-media is and what it means to HK.


july 15 – review on $UPERCAPITALIST: http://www.lovehkfilm.com/blog/thegoldenrock/2012/07/15/the-golden-rock-supercaptitalist-edition-featuring-guest-blogger-marco-sparmberg/

july 19-25 – Marco visited the Network of Asian Fantastic Film’s Filmmakers Lab at PiFan2012. All pic galleries here https://haexagon.wordpress.com/tag/pifanbucheonpuchonfilmfest

EAST SCREEN WEST SCREEN shows this month:

Our project updates

Our webseries Squattertown is now part of the newly re-launched New Action Express scheme by CreateHK. As managing authority of this fund the HK Arts Center will distribute the project to partnering festivals around the globe till fall 2013.

We also started co-operating with the Manila based production company Paper Boat Pictures and helping them to get a transmedia campaign for their new feature film off the ground in the Philippines.

Other Campaigns

This month we saw a couple of campaign starts like M. Night Shyamalan’s AFTER EARTH and the reboot of ROBOCOP. And of course we saw the final conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Batman series rising. While the general THE DARK KNIGHT RISES transmedia campaign was so fragmented and disorganized one remarkable side branch popped out: the campaign to Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack was terrific and created a unique situation. Never before was a soundtrack album that anticipated and hyped before its release. We will analyze this campaign in particular with a future blog post soon.


Meanwhile in China: PAINTED SKIN 2 wound up to be the most profitable film in Chinese cinema history. Allegedly due to a sophisticated marketing strategy. However, giving a simple photo app and set gossip news spread credit for this success would be naive. This article sums up all important aspects and describes how the producers targeted the film to a specific market and audience while gaining government support: http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/filmblog/2012/jul/31/painted-skin-2-china-storm

After Earth (2013) campaign start

M. Night Shyamalan’s new film started off its campaign two days ago. So far, there is the web page http://www.afterearth.com/ that offers a so called “prequel teaser” that is basically a zooming animation across a fictional (maybe soon real) Facebook timeline explaining a bit of background plot to the already known film synopsis. The teaser also holds 9 interactive positions where the viewer can stop the video and read more about the events.

It appears the trailer should funnel viewers to that particular timeline https://www.facebook.com/AfterEarth

This is quite a promising start. Imagine what kind of potential the story universe could hold in terms of expanding into a transmedia approach. Imagine every single timeline entry shown in the teaser could be a single branch of additional storytelling. And the fact that this teaser is called “prequel” is even more thrilling.

…updates along the way (maybe) soon.