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Haexagon Concepts is a trans-media production workshop and creative think tank based in Hong Kong.

New CEO appointed for Hong Kong’s first transmedia agency

September 15, 2014. HONG KONG. Juergen Hoebarth has been appointed as new CEO of Haexagon Concepts, Hong Kong’s first transmedia and IP management agency. Hoebarth will succeed the former CEO, Marco Sparmberg who joined Singapore’s national broadcaster as lead transmedia producer.

During the past 10 months Haexagon Concepts underwent a series of restructuring measures that turned business focus away from digital media production towards a more focused approach on transmedia IP development, audience building and online content seeding.

Hoebarth, a digital architect and strategist by trade, was CVO at RealLifeConnect Ltd., an Austrian startup for RFID/NFC event solutions that made an exit to the market leader dwinQ in early 2014. As serial entrepreneur and social media pioneer, Hoebarth brings in extensive expertise in new media business development as well as digital content distribution.

“Haexagon has been pioneering in digital narrative formats throughout the region during the past two years. We will continue trailblazing projects in new media entertainment for the Millennial generation and help content creators connect with a wider audiences across platforms and mobile devices”, says Hoebarth.

Sparmberg adds, “Juergen has been with us right from the start. As one of the founding members he always consulted on our signature projects with his tremendous knowledge and network of the online media business.”

Sparmberg, Haexagon’s former CEO remains connected with the company as creative consultant and lead for the ongoing South-East Asia expansion. As one of the leading transmedia practitioners in Asia, Sparmberg joined MediaCorp as Senior Transmedia Producer, working on the broadcaster’s prime time show properties as well as tentpole events.

Haexagon Concepts

Haexagon Concepts is Hong Kong’s first creative intellectual property (IP) management & development agency dedicated to create and implement new forms of digital, immersive and interactive story formats into the Asian entertainment market. We help brands, filmmakers and digital media producers to find new business models for their stories within the world of merging and emerging media. Building targeted audiences is as essential as equipping content creators with the right technology and distribution strategy in order to connect them to their audience base.




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The Asian Screen #3 – Macau film industry & casinos gambling with transmedia


THE ASIAN SCREEN is an ongoing series of industry reports on the media and entertainment market in the Greater China & South-East Asian region by Haexagon Concepts, a creative intellectual property management & development agency for emerging media strategies.

This third installment of our industry report series brings you a unique insight to Macau’s film and media industry, including the rise of transmedia. We take a look behind the scenes of one of the smallest entertainment markets in the world, but also one of the most profitable. Macau is more then just gambling and casinos. This analysis will provide you with a number of scenarios that also point to potential business opportunities within the region. It is the most comprehensive document on this topic available online.


Report sample (excerpt):

“…Macau is a gambling centric city, there is no denying this fact. Nevertheless, a lot is done in the city in terms of film creation (or at least the necessity of screening these films for its inhabitants) – short film competitions like the The 48 Rush Hours, Macau Indies exhibits/projections, The Creative Macau Sound & Image Challenge, The IPO’s artist showcases on a monthly sometimes weekly basis, the Script Road Macau Literary Festival (small stories, documentaries, etc are created for the exhibit), weekly production pieces for the Sunday News Reels (Portuguese/Chinese channels), the Macau Stories Initiative, the Macau International Film and Video Festival, the Chinese Film Media Awards, Theater and Declamation Events (the amateur Chinese theater in Macau has had a small resurgence in the past years and the Macanese yearly theater plays gather a strong audience around them) and several other exhibitions, showcases, projections and festivals that pop-up sometimes on a yearly basis, sometimes as single showing events.

These events, most of them, at least, are almost completely funded by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, the Macau Cultural Centre or the Macau Government Tourist Office, the Fundação Oriente, Macau Foundation and the Casa de Portugal, Creative Macau, Cut Association, Art for All Society, several other cultural/educational entities, and some are funded by private entities like the Melco Crown Group…”

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Report Lead: Diogo Martins
Supporting Analysts: Kevin Ma, Marco Sparmberg


We are a creative intellectual property (IP) management & development agency dedicated to create and implement new forms of digital, immersive and interactive story formats into the Asian entertainment market. We help brands, filmmakers and media producers to find new business models for their stories within the world of merging and emerging media. Building targeted audiences is as essential as equipping content creators with the right technology and distribution strategy in order to connect them to their audience base.
As a creative line-producer we offer either full project development and strategy implementation services for your concept ideas or add-on services for already produced properties. As a go-in-between brands/studios and creators our work process is so flexible that we can easily come in at any stage of your production and add value to your IP. This enables our clients to either run a more sophisticated and successful production or simply sell their IPs at a significantly higher profit margin.

To learn more about working with Haexagon Concepts, any press inquiries or background information & references to this report, contact: concepts<at>haexagon<dot>org

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00c6 – new transmedia experience raising awareness about China’s Gendercide


00c6 is a transmedia project about China’s imminent Gendercide crisis, centering on a fictional post-apocalyptic SciFi webseries. The project was started in 2011 and went through quite a lot of changes, especially in title. To provide a complete understanding of its production and creation process as well as its structure, we created our trademark project DNA map, including all links to every channel.

Webseries storyline

“In a near future, China’s society has developed a critical demographic imbalance. The number of male Chinese increased rapidly. Women become a minority. A greedy subculture emerges, taking advantage of this situation. Ruled by a private conglomerate called “the æ Corporation”, the market for selling the pleasure of a woman for one night to desperate men is a monopoly. The price for this exquisite virtue are the men’s lives!
Set out on the remaining remote archipelago of deserted and flooded Hong Kong, men in groups of three have to compete against each other in a brutal fight of survival. The trophy, a single woman inside a secret compound. Only the last survivor is granted access…”

Phase #1

Let’s untangle the most confusing part of the project first, the title. Originally, this project was the Masters of Fine Arts thesis production of Marco Sparmberg at the HK Baptist University’s Academy of Film. When story development and location scouting began in late summer 2011, the initial idea was a 20min short film with the working title BLACK JUNGLE. Despite the positive experience gained on producing a new story format before (the webseries SQUATTERTOWN), Marco rooted for a traditional short film for his thesis to comply with outdated university regulations and the proven limited willingness of dealing with experimental formats by the university’s lectures and staff.

[concept art]

Soon, as the script progressed, most locations were locked down and pre-production began, the title was changed into HÆXAGON. The Æ became an integral part of the short film’s production design and story. Two project web pages were set up. One, the cryptic 00c6.org that was supposed to function as hidden code and primary project page. The other, haexagon.org, as corporate page for the fictional company from the original story.

logo_evolution[Æ logo evolution]

Updates about the production were mainly given via personal social media channels of cast and crew. Only a G+ page was launched to provide the ability to follow the project publicly. Fundraising for HÆXAGON was solely conducted on a private and corporate sponsorship level, no public crowdfunding campaign on any online platform. From the projected HK$300,000 the team was able to raise 1/3 in cash, the rest in soft sponsorship. The film was complete according to production plan by end of April 2012, without major quality trade-offs.

One of the primary challenges of this thesis production was the legal situation. The university did not provide any support on a single legal production issue, which means the team was not able to acquire any form of insurance needed as the university was not willing to stand in as production company. This situation rendered the entire project as an illegal venture under the Hong Kong law.  Hence, we created our own production company, as it is common practice for feature film projects (but not necessarily for shorts).

Also, common practice is to name a production company by the title of the film. In January 2012, Haexagon Concepts Ltd. was founded and HÆXAGON was its first project. The previous fictional haexagon.org project web page was turned into the official company page and 00c6.org became main focus of the project.

web_evolution [00c6.org page evolution]

After the short film was completed, screened internally at the university to fulfill its thesis production purpose, an international festival run was attempted.

Meanwhile, Haexagon Concepts, the production company, was turned into a transmedia IP management & development agency and started regular business operations by producing other content and IPs.

The storyline of HÆXAGON was further developed into a feature film treatment with the title DAMAGE REMOVAL. The short film however, was never screened publicly nor released officially. Screener copies on DVD and Blu-Rays are available but not for sale.

poster_coll [HÆXAGON poster collection]

Phase #2

Despite dealing with other projects and new clients we always felt HÆXAGON, as one of our in-house signature IPs needed a next step forward and won’t just end with the completion of this short film. In late 2012 we always used HÆXAGON for technical experiments and tried to pair it up with new solutions and strategies that emerged. Like a lab guinea pig, it got every media injection available to see how it reacts.

In early 2013 the plan was made to bring the project into its second phase. In order to reduce the title confusion with our company, the project was renamed 00C6 and the short film reedited into a webseries season, adding a number of new content. Hence, five episodes for the first season were created. The story got extended by means of an interactive tumblr blog (access password: 00c6) that functions as whistle-blower character, disclosing secrets from the series’ fictional universe.

First, the series will be available exclusively on Blip.tv and published on YouTube on December 6th, 2013.

Objective in this phase is to provide a stronger focus on the project’s non-fiction aspects. A new Twitter account is used to provide articles, writings and other background documentation about the real Gendercide situation in China. While 00c6.org functions as fictional extension to the webseries that is hosted at video platforms alongside with other videos about the production, Flickr (make sure to log-in otherwise you might not be able to see all pictures) is used to host the incredibly powerful set photography of Jonathan van Smit that tell their very own little stories. Combining platform of fiction and non-fiction elements is Pinterest, providing an array of pin boards on both topics and all major project content.

00c6_YTthumb_trailer [web banner]

With this strategy, we created a number of entry points for new users/participants. Depending on from what side 00c6 is being approached, there are always interconnected links or additional information that lead to another platform without duplicating content in different channels simultaneously. The range and versatility of the non-fiction project part will be growing within the months to come.

Phase #3

Right now, we just started Phase #2 and want to test the general response on the project and what kind of feedback we get from online/mobile audiences in order to develop further storylines and project extensions.

We already experimented with some technology last year and were planning to create a hiking experience. A trail that leads to the locations where the webseries was shot with either an augmented reality overlay app (image recognition like Aurasma) or hidden NFC check-ins where hikers can watch clips from the project that were shot at that respective location. This experience would tap into the local Geo-cashing community and needs specific incentives to be conducted successfully.


On the non-fiction side of the project, we are currently talking to other related organizations that deal with a similar topics and exploring co-operations and future side projects. Hence, there is much underway but primarily it depends on the audience and where it wants us to be headed with 00c6.

HKWebfest 2013 Snaptee t-shirt design contest winners

HK based mobile app startup Snaptee is official sponsor of the HK Webfest 2013 and not only sponsored the festival’s staff outfit but also created a mobile contest where participants can create and design own t-shirts via Snaptee’s iOS app. Themes had to be related to the festival. By the end of the contest on June 9 a large number of designs were submitted to the dedicated contest page: http://snaptee.co/contest/hkwebfest

4 winners have been selected and will receive their t-shirt coupon codes via email (shown are platform user names):

– howardtian
– fleee04
– etchy
– hongkonggong

Big congrats to all winners and thanks for all your creative submission!



About Snaptee Limited

Snaptee Limited is a startup based in Hong Kong founded by Wai-Lun Hong and Gary Lee, who previously bootstrapped a startup to USD 5 million revenue in 2 years without outside funding. Now, the two entrepreneurs are building Snaptee to realize everyone’s creativity.

About the 2013 Hong Kong Webfest

The first event of its kind in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Webfest aims to  connect international and local brands with local content creators in order to discover new forms of how transmedia storytelling can be utilized for brand building and especially audience reach. The festival comprises of screenings, panel discussions and Google Hangout sessions featuring experts from France, Singapore and China. The festival is an Associated Project of the 2013 Le French May and is supported by the Los Angeles Webfest and the Marseilles Webfest.