New CEO appointed for Hong Kong’s first transmedia agency

September 15, 2014. HONG KONG. Juergen Hoebarth has been appointed as new CEO of Haexagon Concepts, Hong Kong’s first transmedia and IP management agency. Hoebarth will succeed the former CEO, Marco Sparmberg who joined Singapore’s national broadcaster as lead transmedia producer.

During the past 10 months Haexagon Concepts underwent a series of restructuring measures that turned business focus away from digital media production towards a more focused approach on transmedia IP development, audience building and online content seeding.

Hoebarth, a digital architect and strategist by trade, was CVO at RealLifeConnect Ltd., an Austrian startup for RFID/NFC event solutions that made an exit to the market leader dwinQ in early 2014. As serial entrepreneur and social media pioneer, Hoebarth brings in extensive expertise in new media business development as well as digital content distribution.

“Haexagon has been pioneering in digital narrative formats throughout the region during the past two years. We will continue trailblazing projects in new media entertainment for the Millennial generation and help content creators connect with a wider audiences across platforms and mobile devices”, says Hoebarth.

Sparmberg adds, “Juergen has been with us right from the start. As one of the founding members he always consulted on our signature projects with his tremendous knowledge and network of the online media business.”

Sparmberg, Haexagon’s former CEO remains connected with the company as creative consultant and lead for the ongoing South-East Asia expansion. As one of the leading transmedia practitioners in Asia, Sparmberg joined MediaCorp as Senior Transmedia Producer, working on the broadcaster’s prime time show properties as well as tentpole events.

Haexagon Concepts

Haexagon Concepts is Hong Kong’s first creative intellectual property (IP) management & development agency dedicated to create and implement new forms of digital, immersive and interactive story formats into the Asian entertainment market. We help brands, filmmakers and digital media producers to find new business models for their stories within the world of merging and emerging media. Building targeted audiences is as essential as equipping content creators with the right technology and distribution strategy in order to connect them to their audience base.


20th Floor,

Central Tower,

28 Queen’s Road,

Central, Hong Kong

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