HKWebfest 2013 Snaptee t-shirt design contest winners

HK based mobile app startup Snaptee is official sponsor of the HK Webfest 2013 and not only sponsored the festival’s staff outfit but also created a mobile contest where participants can create and design own t-shirts via Snaptee’s iOS app. Themes had to be related to the festival. By the end of the contest on June 9 a large number of designs were submitted to the dedicated contest page:

4 winners have been selected and will receive their t-shirt coupon codes via email (shown are platform user names):

– howardtian
– fleee04
– etchy
– hongkonggong

Big congrats to all winners and thanks for all your creative submission!



About Snaptee Limited

Snaptee Limited is a startup based in Hong Kong founded by Wai-Lun Hong and Gary Lee, who previously bootstrapped a startup to USD 5 million revenue in 2 years without outside funding. Now, the two entrepreneurs are building Snaptee to realize everyone’s creativity.

About the 2013 Hong Kong Webfest

The first event of its kind in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Webfest aims to  connect international and local brands with local content creators in order to discover new forms of how transmedia storytelling can be utilized for brand building and especially audience reach. The festival comprises of screenings, panel discussions and Google Hangout sessions featuring experts from France, Singapore and China. The festival is an Associated Project of the 2013 Le French May and is supported by the Los Angeles Webfest and the Marseilles Webfest.


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