The Asian Screen #2 – Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines – trends, transmedia projects, case studies


THE ASIAN SCREEN is an ongoing series of industry reports on the media and entertainment market in the Greater China & South-East Asian region by Haexagon Concepts, a Hong Kong based creative think tank and transmedia workshop.

This second installment will focus on general trends and technology developments in Asia with an event report from Siggraph Asia 2012 and Screen Singapore 2012. Hong Kong will be covered with an inside look on microfilms and why this format emerges to one of the most important storytelling tools for local brands and filmmakers. Two more HK projects are represented within the case study section: Triad, the first local feature film to adopt a transmedia marketing campaign and Galaman, an animated webseries with branching out transmedia bits. Additionally, the Philippines are represented with a first project analysis of the transmedia campaign launch for the indie Zombie feature The Grave Bandits.

Projects discussed in this report: The Grave Bandits, Galaman, Triad, Zombie Guillotines.


As special add-on to the ASIAN SCREEN #2 is the following Google Hangouts interview with the creator and artist behind HK’s most successful transmedia animation webseries. The video was conducted in Cantonese, English captions will be added soon. Meanwhile, English speaking readers will find a summary within the report (please refer to one of the download options below).

Report sample (excerpt):

“…Nevertheless, in the one month since Zombie Guillotines launched on Youtube, it has attracted over 85,000 views. Ironically, if each viewer paid a HK$60 ticket to see it (roughly the average Hong Kong movie ticket price), Zombie Guillotines would have already out-grossed The Guillotines’ Hong Kong box office’s gross (the film also did disappointingly in the Mainland Chinese box office). Even though the ending of the film teases future installments, the film’s creator tells Asian Screen that the team plans to follow a more traditional plan of securing foreign festival play for Zombie Guillotines rather than work on any additional installments.
As a microfilm, Zombie Guillotines is a bona-fide success. It captures a pop culture trend (zombie stories) and delivers a likeable microfilm that is actually funny, gleefully fun and generally well-made for its genre. In other words, the team has created a film that captures people’s attention and actually makes them want to keep watching in the future. …”

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Report Lead: Diogo Martins, Kevin Ma
Supporting Analysts: Marco Sparmberg, Juergen Hoebarth


We are a creative think tank and transmedia workshop based in Hong Kong. We create new forms of immersive experiences for the entertainment industry by means of new media, mobile technology and the internet. We build a client’s audience for socially interactive products that will further engage and amplify their users into faithful content advocators. While developing creative and high quality projects/entertainment franchises, Haexagon Concepts is implementing a common usage of Transmedia in Hong Kong and in the future, East Asia.

To learn more about working with Haexagon Concepts, any press inquiries or background information & references to this report, contact: concepts<at>haexagon<dot>org

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