Focus on behavioral psychology for #transmedia and NFC tags for BluRay covers


Since January 2013, a professional behavioral psychologist is the latest addition to Haexagon Concepts’s metrics and research team. Objective is, to analyze audience behavior patterns on social media and other transmedia project platforms in order to create more targeted and highly engaging content for our customers. With this step, to look behind the digital facade of the web and discovering local as well as global trends, Haexagon Concepts is the first transmedia company to employ a “on-the-run”¬†scientific approach to commercial merging media projects in Asia.


Our latest BluRay edition for the in-house transmedia project “haexagon” has been equipped with NFC tags on its cover to provide an additional interactive feature.

QR codes have become the standard in our industry to make users gain extra content or quick access to project specific information. After using them on all print products we put them on disc covers as well. In this particular case of “haexagon”, while the disc contains a full archive of all audio and video content created during the first phase of the project in form of an interactive timeline, the cover’s QR code links to the project page which is the corporate webpage of the short film’s central protagonist, an evil conglomerate.

The NFC tag links to the latest video content and holds special messages during the upcoming phases of the project. Eventually it will link to the next step of the story. As the first phase of the project gets concluded, where the short film “haexagon” was the primary carrier medium, the project was relabeled. Phase no.1 is now called “#00c6”, the next phase will see another hashtag and so on.

We will publish a DNA map of the project once it progressed significantly in the next phase. The next stage will be launched with “haexagon’s” online release later this year.


For more information please contact: concepts<at>haexagon<dot>org

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