Klout and Influence in a Transmedia Universe (Part 5)

So… continuing this week (with a bit of lag…).

On the 3rd and final month of this experiment, everything changed.

I finally finished my experiment. But there were some strange conclusions.


What was expected in the beginning ended up being finalized (although the “targeted decrease” was nowhere near what was envisioned).

For now, a simple conclusion to this test is, no matter how “low” you think your internet/social influence is, if you’ve amassed a certain number of people around your networks, that influence/klout, will eventually have a threshold. Mine, was apparently between 45 and 50 Klout points, which meant that no matter how low i’d get, I am always around the mean of classification of internet influence.

So, let’s get to the final numbers and changes.

By the end of the third month, I changed from Specialist to Networker, and with this, some new information arouse – I was now someone whoknows how to connect to the right people and share what’s important to your audience. You generously share your network to help your followers. You have a high level of engagement and an influential audience.

I still kept my 8 Topics – Photography, iPhone, Macau, Youtube, Hong Kong, Films, Entertainment, Cannes.

Now, nevertheless, my network influence was down to 422 people as opposed to the initial 1100. A steep decrease overall, but still an acceptable number.

During the 30 day period between the 2nd month and the 3rd and final, I reached a Peek of 51.52 on the 2nd of July and my Score at the end of the test was at – 44.80.

At the end of the 90 day period (Klout’s average time of analysis), I had, 4 Retweets, 15 Mentions, 79 Followers and I was Following 353 people.

On Facebook, my main network of influence, I had 66 Comments, 305 Likes and had 30 Posts on my wall (received, not posted by me).

My Google+ page as always, was totally irrelevant.


During this ending period, my True reach reached the Highest point 899 on the same day as the Influence Peek – 02/07 and was stable now in the 400’s.

My Network Amplification was at 11 and my impact had gone down to 27, which meant I was now “half” as influential in terms of impact of message, than I was at the beginning of the experiment,

At this time I now only had 3 people that I influenced, and they were – Mariana Silva 4, Elly Luo 39 and  Huang Jianhong 11.

My Influencers were –  Juergen 59 (Down)

Kevin Ma 46

Marco Sparmberg 51

Angelo Costadimas 47 Down)

Sean Tierney 32 Down)

Cintia Milk 50 (New)

During the 3 month period, my Klout score was never under 50, reaching its Lowest point at – 50.58, but, at the end of the test (the steep drop happened 2/3 days before the end of the experiment), I was around 44, 45 points clear.

Although not extremely scientific, this experiment ultimately thought me something about internet influence and the part each of one has in the social/media interactive world.

We are what we put into social media.

I personally don’t usually post personal message on my networks but when I do, those seem to be the posts that have the more interactions between me and the people around me.

My problem with this little detail (and differentiation between a regular poster of interests as opposed to a social “interactor” via new technologies) is that some people take advantage of this to create their own “social personas”, ending up, sometimes revealing too much about themselves (here the dissociation between real social interaction and the need for any interaction, plays a big factor in content disclosed) while others, tactically use their social networks, most of the times, being called “gurus” of influence and social interaction, when they’re simply using this surreal reality as a means to an end instead of a vehicle for their real selves.


Next week I will post infographics of the “voyage of disinfluence’ I had during these 3 months, and will post some other conclusions over what arouse from this test.

See ya next week 🙂

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