Haexagon Concepts monthly recap – August 2012

— The monthly recap post will present you a summary of all our activities and projects during the past month as well as most relevant campaigns from film/ad/TV/web. —


Staff activities:

august 3rd – Diogo started his series of analyzing blog posts on his Klout experiment. He cut himself off all social network platforms for three months in order to see how this will influence his social media influence measured by Klout. Read the first three parts here:

1) https://haexagon.wordpress.com/klout-and-real-transmedia-influence

2) https://haexagon.wordpress.com/klout-and-influence-in-a-transmedia-universe

3) https://haexagon.wordpress.com/klout-and-influence-in-a-transmedia-universe-50339


august 14 – We published Marco’s Barcamp HK 2012 prezi that gives an insight on what transmedia can look like and why there is none existing in HK yet.

by rebearth

august 18 – Kevin analyzes the campaign around VULGARIA and why it became such a success in HK http://www.lovehkfilm.com/blog/thegoldenrock/2012/08/18/the-golden-rock-august-17-2012-edition/


EAST SCREEN WEST SCREEN shows this month:

#118 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-118-when-booty-calls

#119 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-119-silent-but-dirty

#120 http://kong-cast.com/east-screen-west-screen-120-exit-the-diva-enter-tha-tiger 

New HC videos online:

– Haexagon – light tests

Haexagon – light tests – Scifi short film from Hong Kong from Marco Sparmberg on Vimeo.

– Haexagon – VFX reel

Haexagon – VFX reel – Scifi short film from Hong Kong from Marco Sparmberg on Vimeo.

Project radar:

– Haexagon (short film) got its own blog profile on ARTE Creative. We will update this space primarily with artistic elements from this project. New content will be published here first from now on: http://creative.arte.tv/en/space/Haexagon

Transmedia campaign radar:

August saw some new campaign starts as well as already running campaigns taking up speed. DREDD 3D is the most dominant one right now. We talked about Lionsgate’s approach in a previous post here.

The LOOPER campaign finally kicked off and seems to come along quite sophisticated living up to the film’s subject. One of the two tent pole pages is https://www.loopernetwork.com/ where users can login and hunt down their future selves. Once signed up the user will receive an email from Abe, the character played by Jeff Daniels who will assign missions. On a city map grid the user has to enter coordinates that can be found as hidden clues in a poster (mission #1) and videos clips (mission #2). Later emails also contain aged mug-shot of the user, taken from the sign-up profile, slowly turning into the future self.


The second focus lies on http://www.loopermovie.com. The webpage unfolds by scrolling down. At a certain point, the user can enter the game portal http://www.loopermovie.com/game/intro – “You’ve been hired to take out the trash”. The game holds 3 levels that are either key scenes in the films or major plot points: “Timed Kills”, “TK Challenge” and “Slatbike Chase”.


Notable is also the YouTube channel page. As it holds all the links to all web pages, games and social networks it is smoothly connecting all the dots of the campaign’s universe. Also, the channel runs on an own design deviating from YouTube’s unified look. Emphasis is quite given to Twitter with a direct feed and conversation integration.


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