Klout and Influence in a Transmedia Universe (Part 2)

So let us begin…

The moment I started the experiment, my life started to change… drastically.

At this time, I was mainly running around Hong Kong, shooting projects for my final year at the Master’s degree, and in the middle, was writing my thesis (oh lord… why…). 

This month comprised (in my life), the transition between studying fulltime, to working fulltime at Haexagon Concepts, so it was an engaging and interesting month.

But let us get on with the information:
(I will post raw information in the first 3 weeks of analysis and then will create infographics/graphics with the information I’ve collected, so those who are reading have a clear p.o.r. in the data – all real, all “amazing”, all in here – …I sound like a circus charmer).

By this starting point – 3rd of May 2012

I was a specialist. From what Klout said: “You may not be a celebrity, but within your area of expertise your opinion is second to none. Your content is likely focused around a specific topic or industry with a focused, highly-engaged audience”

Oooh goody 🙂


My internet persona was influential in 7 things – Photography, iPhone, Macau, Youtube, Hong Kong, and Entertainment.

Just this garners a fun analysis… I don’t twitter. I seldom did before I got an iPhone, and before getting the iPhone and starting this experiment 2 months had passed.

I had started a ridiculous routine of trying to find a picture I needed to take every day, as I knew I could increase and decrease my Klout score, depending on the pictures I posted and the comments they received.. that’s where the Photography, iPhone and Macau topics come in (I took a bunch of commented photos during my weekends in Asia’s sin city). Youtube and Entertainment I have no clue… probably because I used to post a lot of links on FB of both things. Hong Kong… well… it is the city I live in so… I give them that.

At this time, I had a score of 56.70 – A peek of 57.49 one week before (29/4).

I was in the moon. I had a bigger score than almost everyone I knew directly and it was just getting higher. But that was the point of the experiment… deflate expectations, and see realities.

And so I went studying through my information.


I had at that time, on Twitter:


57 Mentions

81 Followers and I was Following 353 people.

Pretty remarkable numbers as I have around 310 tweets total, since I’ve subscribed to the service (I was never a big fan).


On Facebook:



56 Wall Posts Received

Facebook is my “go to social network” so nothing that impressive here.


On the 3rd of May, my True Reach had Increased by 109 (from its previous calculations) to the highest point of 1141 people @ 19/04.

This, by all means and purposes, meant that at any given day, I’d have a digital contact of myself and 1141 others, by something that I either created, talked about or liked online.

It seems like a cool thing to have but when you consider that in reality people only have a real friend reach of 150, the number above is a bit inflactuated (I admit… i don’t have close to as many people, talk to or even probably know them by name…)

My amplification factor was 81 and my network impact was 49 (highest point as 50.28) which meant that in general, my impact on my social circle was under the mean (something common to me through my years as a human being…)

At this point, and this is no joke, I’d post about 2, 3 posts a day on my facebook wall with funny videos, pictures, moments, comments, etc.

So… pretty active where it was interesting – my Facebook Page… my Internet circle.


Those who I’d influence in my network were:

Marco Sparmberg – 53 (also a specialist in his field)

Mariana Silva – 49 (my aunt and a big part of my internet social interactions)

Rui Abreu – 43

Jenson Cheung – 22

All people that online had a lower percentage than I did, and so “rationally” they’d be influenced by me (this is of course ridiculous, because those on top are constantly being influenced by those below).


Those who’d influence me were:

The Hollywood Reporter 75 (although I’ve read it occasionally, I’ve never been a big fan…)

Casey Lau 65 (a tech-startup guy in my network)

Juergen Hoebarth 60 (a tech-startup guy in my network and one of the co-founders of Haexagon)

Andrew Leyden 58

James Marsh 56 (a local film critic)

Kevin Ma 53 (another of Haexagon’s Co-founders)

Marco Sparmberg 53 (dito)

and Paul Fox 42 (a local film critic)

I was a specialist, I was focused and consistent… and I’d connected to Klout the following networks:

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, FourSquare, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, LastFM, Flickr.


A lot… I know… Insane… probably…

Join us next week for part 3…

Part 1

Part 3

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