Klout just won’t let me die

We made a couple of experiments and tests with Klout during the past months as we wanted to find out what this obscure Klout score number actually tells you about someone’s web presence and influence.

Now, this is just a very brief observation post of mine. Diogo will soon deliver a far more in-depth analysis as he is our guinea pig and cut himself off all social media pages since May. However, here is what seems to be quite obvious:

1) Ever since I kept an eyes on my Klout score it never dropped below 50. Just recently it hit the lowest point in the past couple of months, 49.61 which is still counted as 50 since its over 49.50. Hence, every time my score hits a new low point it spikes up 1, sometimes up to 3 points the next day. But there has been no activity in my channels that would justify such an climb. No unusual amount of retweets or comments. No huge flock of new followers. Just the usual suspects responding to my daily content.


You will recognize the wave-like behavior of my score. It spiked up some weeks ago and then slowly dropped step by step just to spike up again at some point. I suspect a major spike any day that will bring me back to 53 for no reason.

2) Now this whole thing becomes even more absurd when I compare my score with Diogo’s. Someone who evidently was not active online at all whatsoever:


The same spikes at the same time! The same graph behavior! So what the heck is going on here?

It’s getting quite evident Klout needs you more than you need Klout, ever. It will support your online ego whenever needed, even though you’re not actually online. I won’t dig deeper into why Klout works like that and influencing your influence might influence other influencers. Will leave all this for Diogo’s detailed report which should come out on this blog somewhere mid of August.

So, what’s your Klout score? You can take my ego-ruler for measuring!

UPDATE 12/07/2012:

Aaaaaaand here comes the self-fulfilling prophecy. As predicted, Klout gave me a major spike up, just out of the blue. After dropping to a new personal record low of 49.34 the system just upgraded me to a 51.78 which is quite a jump as you can see:


Now what happened? Did people retweet me a lot? Was I conducting a major Twitter conversation or posted a photo of an adorable kitten on facebook? Did 500 new people circle me on G+?

NO, NONE OF THE ABOVE WHATSOEVER!!! As a matter of fact I had been quite silent online for the past days. My last mentioning on Twitter was July 9th and yesterday, that day that supposedly triggered this spike, I did 1 single tweet (in fact only a retweet of the God_damn_Batman) only. No other entries, posts or even comments in any of the other social networks linked to Klout. Do I smell “orange fad”? Yes, and it’s quite a regular fragrant lately.


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