Hong Kong Box Office

We’ve been developing media strategies and market research here at Haexagon for the past month and as a preliminary view over the Box Office revenue generated in Hong Kong, have created the infographic http://infogr.am/Hong-Kong-Box-Office

Legend: All information relative to HK box office (exclusively)
Opening weekend = Thursday to Sunday
All numbers in million HK Dollars (Approximates)
All information is provided by Box Office Mojo, AsianWiki, HK Filmart, Entgroup.


As a first cold reaction to the numbers, a possible conclusion is that it is a wonder how the Hong Kong market can sustain itself solely through internal box office revenue, and in that aspect, the connection to the (Chinese) Mainland market becomes more and more a depedendat Revenue Target Location with what is created in the city.

As a second conclusion, is the amount of advertising dispended in the city, with the enormous amounts of interconnected people divulging and reporting about HK films, buying advertising space, etc, well spent, bearing in mind, US (foreign) films, will always have more money, more influence, bigger markets as interest? It doesn’t apparently seem so.

But there lots of other factors coming into the creation of movies in Hong Kong and these are some of the questions that have been thrown around recently.

Haexagon Concepts’ approach?

Wouldn’t targeted advertising/Transmedia productions be better, fuller solutions to untargeted, mass advertising? Wouldn’t creating a product that could be transmutable to different screens/media, be a more attractive choice?

We here at the office sincerely think so… so… why not evolve? Why not change? Why maintain the status quo?

Food for thought…

Additional Information

Ip Man 2 Total Worldwide Gross – HK$440.400.000 Ip Man 2 Reported Budget – HK$101,000,000
3D Sex and Zen Total Worldwide Gross – HK$49,300,000 3D Sex and Zen Reported Budget – HK$27,300,000
Love in the Buff Total Worldwide Gross –  HK$120,000,000 Love in the Buff Reported Budget – HK$30,000,000
Toy Story 3 Total Worldwide Gross – HK$8,300,000,000 Toy Story 3 Reported Budget – HK$1,560,000,000
Transformers 3 Total Worldwide Gross – HK$8,700,000,000 Transformers 3 Reported Budget – HK$1,500,000,000
The Avengers Total Worldwide Gross – HK$10,920,000,000 The Avengers Reported Budget – HK$1,716,000,000 HK



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